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A beautiful smile is everyone’s dream – it makes us feel attractive and improves our self-esteem. However, very often malocclusion makes our smile far from perfect. Sadly, it is still commonly believed that only children and teenagers should be treated orthodontically. Dental Esthetic does not agree with this, and aims to prove that there are no age limits when it comes to correcting misaligned teeth. Currently, it is even possible to treat older people. Treating adults can not improve their looks, but is often a necessary preparatory step for prosthetic or surgical treatment, or for implantation.

An orthodontist will answer all of your questions during a consultation visit. You will learn if your malocclusion can be corrected and how long the treatment will take. Make sure you bring a panoramic X-ray image of your teeth with you, so that the dentist is able to evaluate their condition and position in the jaw. Make an appointment at Dental Esthetic now, using our online form

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