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Paediatric dentistry

We all know that children are afraid of going to the dentist. Negative experiences stay with them for a long time and can later translate into fear of dental treatment during their adult life.

What can we do to avoid this?
This, dear parent, depends largely on you. A child should become gradually accustomed to visiting a dental clinic, so don’t wait for problems and pain to occur! Come earlier to have your child’s teeth examined. A young patient’s first visit should be a happy one, so that the child can build positive associations. This is called an adaptation visit, which aims to make the child aware of what dental treatment is and which tools are used. Thanks to simple explanations, the child can start to feel more comfortable in the dentist’s clinic. This goes a long way to reducing the fear of the unknown during later visits. Very often, the first appointment ends with tooth fluoridation. Only a child that is accustomed to being in a dental clinic and trusts the dentist will be willing to have their teeth treated. At Dental Esthetic we respect the child, we do not lie and we do not surprise them, but we also need to be effective in what we do. The health of milk teeth is very important because their premature loss can have a negative impact on bone development and result in a lack of room for permanent teeth. Untreated inflammations of milk teeth may result in the distorted development of the later, permanent teeth.

Therefore, we invite all parents with their children for an adaptation visit to Dental Esthetic. You can make a convenient appointment online using the form.


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