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Dental surgery

Advanced treatment for the oral cavity

Modern dental surgery offers many treatment possibilities when traditional methods are not enough. The procedures are pain-free – at Dental Esthetic we carry them out with local anaesthesia. Often, surgical procedures are only one step in a comprehensive implantological, prosthetic or orthodontic treatment process. The individual approach always adopted by our team in cases of surgical problems allows our patients to avoid many hours of stress and anxiety – thanks to the modern availability of pain-free, low-risk treatments.

Modern dental surgery also makes it possible to treat or replace lost teeth. Among the most frequent procedures in this area are implantations, tooth extractions and bone tissue regeneration – when it is necessary to rebuild bone tissue as a robust foundation for implants. Such procedures entail little pain and are often the only possible solution to the problem. Dental Esthetic first meticulously diagnoses its patients to verify the possible use of surgical procedures in their treatment, which guarantees correct execution and ensures the positive long-term outcome expected by every patient.

The procedures most frequently performed by our team include:
Dental extraction – In other words, tooth removal. Commonly described as ‘pulling a tooth’, this is a dental procedure which entails removing a tooth from its socket using specialised tools. It is performed under local anaesthesia. Extraction is strongly recommended when a patient’s condition cannot be treated using conservative methods. Sometimes it is also necessary to extract healthy teeth as part of orthodontic treatment, or when preparing the oral cavity for prosthetics.

Implantology – A method of reconstructing a correctly functioning and naturally-looking new tooth. An implant is a concealed element capped by a dental crown (made of zirconium oxide, metal or ceramic material, depending on individual needs), which fills the gap.

Dry socket treatmentEntails treatment of a possible complication following tooth extraction, such as when a blood clot cannot form in the empty tooth socket, or it is inadvertently washed out. In such cases, the socket is left empty and therefore prone to bacterial infection.

Root tip resection – A procedure undertaken when it is necessary to remove the tip of the tooth root and fill the root canal with bio-compatible material. This is done when endodontic surgery fails.
Bone tissue regeneration – Required with advanced reconstruction of the maxillary bones or lifting the alveolar part of the alveolar process. Regeneration is carried out by means of transplanting autogenic tissue from elsewhere in the body, or as guided tissue regeneration using biomaterials which can successfully replace the patient’s own bone.

Labial frenectomy – This procedure aims to increase upper or lower lip mobility and provide room for removable braces. At Dental Esthetic, the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, and is therefore absolutely painless.

Sinus lift – A procedure that is carried out to expose a greater area of bone tissue, necessary when inserting dental implants.

Dental surgery

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